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Royal Mail, Mount Pleasant

Fire Protection supplied and installed Fire Resistant Ductwork and Standard Galvanised Sheet Steel Ducts.



Royal Mail, Mount Pleasant

Main Contractor

Imtech/Blue Sky Building Services

M&E Consultant

Hoare Lea

Fire Resisting Value


Project description

Supplying and installing the Fire Resistant Ductwork and Standard Galvanised Sheet Steel Ducts comprised of Basement Smoke Extract & Smoke Make Up Systems along with both Smoke Extract & Smoke Make Up Systems serving the service yard, loading bay, car parks and generator room.

We also provided Acoustic Plenums which were supplied to provide discharge/intake air from atmosphere to basement areas.


The project was provided in five phases spread over three years, enabling the project to commence in areas whilst demolition was carried out in other areas. The site itself was spread over twelve acres and was previously home to the Post Office Headquarters and also one of largest mail sorting offices in the world.

Project highlights

As the systems we provided were serving larger than usual areas, this meant the Fire Resistant Ductwork that was provided was significantly larger and heavier than usual. To overcome this, we hired a fork lift truck to assist with offloading, distribution and installation of the Fire Resistant Ducts.

As the floor to soffit heights were larger than usual, we hired four scissors lifts to access soffits of slab. Due to the heights involved, this allowed for increased productivity in the installation of Fire Resistant Ductwork and Fire Insulation.

We also had difficulties co-ordinating with the Post Office on site as our specific work areas had to be cordoned off before works could start. We set up meetings with the client, so this was organised on a weekly basis to ensure we did not have any downtime on site.


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