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About us


When clients choose Fire Protection Ltd for their projects, they benefit from a complete start-to-finish process that removes the need to involve other trades in the installation of passive fire protection products and systems. From manufacture to installation and beyond, we have the staff, equipment and facilities to ensure every project runs smoothly, whilst meeting the latest legal and safety standards.

Our Manufacturing Facilities

Fire Protection Ltd is part of the Grob Group (formerly Hotchkiss Group) which has three modern factories. These are based in Harlow, Essex and Polegate, East Sussex, and amount to over 66,500 sq. ft. of office and warehouse space. All three factories are dedicated to the manufacture of the Flamebar BW11 and BW18 fire resistant systems.

The experience of our manufacturing staff is a key factor in maintaining the quality of our products and eliminating errors. Our ducting is manufactured from coiled steel and converted into specific shapes, such as square, rectangular and circular. Flanges are added before items are coated with our unique Firespray products. We incorporate any special requirements of the fire resisting ducting – such as the inclusion of dampers, access hatches and gaskets – before delivering to site, along with the necessary fixtures, fittings and sealants required to install the ducting.

We have our own dedicated transport fleet for making site deliveries, enabling us to meet site offloading requirements, certified to Silver FORS.

Our pioneering fire resisting ductwork systems result from expertise in both ductwork manufacturing and the production of fire resistant coatings. This expertise creates an unrivalled system of fire protection, which is superior to traditional forms of fire resisting ducting products and systems.

We have a reputation for working closely with our clients, not only providing specialist products and services to meet any fire resisting ductwork requirement, but also offering extensive technical support at every stage of a project.


Fire Protection Ltd’s estimating department consists of six estimators that share over 100 years’ experience in pricing fire resisting ductwork systems.

Using Bluebeam digital takeoff software and ESTmep costing software, our team provides detailed quotations which incorporate marked-up drawings indicating the scope of works for a project.

Our pricing is always in line with the latest BS EN1366 test standards, providing our clients with peace of mind that the quote they receive is fully compliant. Furthermore, our quotations have a turnaround time of 5-10 days from receipt, though larger and more complex projects may take longer


Once a client places an order with Fire Protection Ltd, our contracting department works closely alongside them throughout all stages of the process to deliver the installation to budget and on programme.

Following an initial quotation review, our technical team offers their input and advice to create a project scope. A contract manager then liaises with one of our project managers to carry out a thorough review of the project parameters. This includes:

  • Making contact with the client to build an understanding of the contract going ahead
  • Obtaining copies of the client’s co-ordinated drawings for detailing by FPL
  • Appointing a dedicated draughtsman to detail ductwork
  • Sending drawings to the client for approval
  • Issuing approved drawings for manufacture and collaborating with production in order to achieve on-time deliveries
  • Booking FORS compliant deliveries with FPL transport
  • Allocating required site labour and labour levels to achieve required completion dates
  • Maintaining communication with the client throughout the contract and liaising with other trades to ensure a smooth installation process
  • Supervising labour throughout installation
  • Producing inspection and test sheets for completed ductwork
  • Producing a Certificate of Conformity upon project completion

All Fire Protection Ltd installations are carried out by our FIRAS trained personnel.

We also offer an after-sale service to clients, which includes visiting the site following project completion at agreed-upon intervals, to repair or amend ductwork that has been damaged or requires alteration.

Please contact us for further information.

In-House Test Facility

Fire Protection Ltd has the necessary equipment to carry out indicative testing. This allows us to experiment with new and diverse solutions to meet the latest test standards, prior to progressing to external UKAS independent test facilities.

We have over 25 years’ experience in fire testing and research and development, ensuring that the products and systems we provide to our customers are reliable, fit for purpose, and compliant to the BS EN regulations and current standards.

Third Party Accreditation

When it comes to fire protection, it is of vital importance that the applications and products your project requires are tested and installed by a third party accredited company. Fire Protection Ltd has Third Party Accreditation for our management systems, product approval and installation.

  • Management systems achieving ISO9001
  • Product approval through LPCB
  • Installation approval through FIRAS

Manufacturing & Approval

All our factories have received ISO 9001 certifications from LPCB for quality management systems. This requires that LPCB annually check that our factories continue to manufacture products to a consistent standard, as defined in the certification.


Since 2002, Fire Protection Ltd has been certified by Warringtonfire’s FIRAS Third Party Accreditation Scheme for installers. The scheme is instrumental in improving the installation and maintenance standards of passive fire protection products and systems.

The FIRAS scheme is the endorsement of competency for the installation of products and systems to the tested standard, assuring the quality of the ductwork systems, HV cable and service enclosures, and penetration seals we install.

The scheme assesses the workmanship of our site disciplines and ensures the competence of our supervisory and installation employees. Certified contractors are subject to an annual audit of their offices, as well as random surveillance site inspections in which competency, compliance and workmanship are assessed. Certified contractors are required to log contracts in hand on the FIRAS online database. A Certificate of Conformity for the completed works is then issued following completion and inspection.

Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

Fire Protection Ltd offers a range of seminars to help educate specifiers and installers on the legislation and installation of fire resisting ducting. This enables participants to update their knowledge in this vital area, whilst also contributing to CPD obligations.

Led by our own, highly experienced team, our CPD courses are available to:

  • Developers/Main Contractors
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Consultants
  • Architects and District Surveyors

During the presentation, participants will examine:

  • The principles and objectives of fire control
  • The role of compartmentation
  • The most effective ways to provide fire protection in modern buildings
  • Legal liability

These CPD seminars normally take place at the client’s office during lunchtime and last approximately 60 minutes. There is a question-and-answer session at the end of this period, and lunch is provided.

If you are interested in arranging a CPD course with us, please let us know.


Ready to work

Get in touch with our fully trained and experienced team to discuss the manufacture and installation of our passive fire resisting systems, and how these third party accredited systems can be implemented within your project.