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Our Company

Fire Protection Ltd.

Providing fire resisting ductwork and enclosure solutions under the names of Flamebar BW11 & BW18.

The business was established in 1994 to provide fire resisting systems for ductwork in direct response to client and institutional demands. Accordingly, a comprehensive development programme is maintained in our own R&D laboratory which results in a portfolio of products fully tested and approved to British and European standards, suitable to match these requirements.

We are recognised for our knowledge and experience of fire resisting ductwork solutions along with the standards and specifications which strictly regulate the industry.

Our reputation has resulted in an impressive list of clients who seek our advice on regulations and specification matters and also a notable list of Flamebar BW11 and BW18 projects in the U.K.

why work with us

Part of the Grob Group Family

As proud members of the Grob Group, we are committed to setting industry standards in safety, sustainability, and reliability. Our collective vision is to lead as the most dependable ventilation and passive fire protection specialists by 2030. Through innovation, expert teamwork, and a deep commitment to environmental and social stewardship, we are dedicated to excellence in serving our clients.

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Our Vision

To become the industry’s safest, fastest, greenest and most trustworthy ventilation contractor & passive fire protection specialist.

Our Mission

To create the most effective and hassle free environment for our clients.

Our Core Values

Safety | Honesty & Integrity | Openness | Teamwork | Environmentally & Socially Responsible | Service excellence

Our Strategic Pillars

People | Governance | Innovation | Sustainability | Digitalisation | Vision Deployment

Our Vision 2030 Deployment

Function Lead Structure | Synergy Implementation | Supply Only | One Factory | Life Safety Solutions | Vertical Set Up | UK Expansion


Ready to work

Get in touch with our fully trained and experienced team to discuss the manufacture and installation of our passive fire resisting systems, and how these third party accredited systems can be implemented within your project.