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About us


Being at the forefront of the passive fire protection industry requires more than just a skilled workforce, cutting-edge products and experienced engineers.
At Fire Protection Ltd, we recognise, embrace and fulfil the various legal and ethical responsibilities our work entails, ensuring that everyone in our company understands that we have a duty of care not just to each other and our clients, but to the world at large.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

At Fire Protection Ltd, it is our ongoing aim to create a culture in which every individual feels valued, no matter their personal experiences or circumstance. We strive to ensure that every one of our employees has the opportunity to develop professionally in ways that align with our values and our vision for the future. Regardless of their role in the company, we intend for every member of our team to feel involved, respected and connected to our success.

Fire Protection Ltd is an equal opportunity employer, and we are fully committed to treating all our employees and job applicants equally, in adherence with the Equality Act 2010. It is our policy to take all reasonable steps to employ and promote personnel based on their abilities and qualifications, without regard to the following:

  • Sex or Gender
  • Disability
  • Religion or Belief System
  • Marital or Civil Partnership Status
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Age or Perceived Age
  • Race, Colour or Ethnic Origin
  • Nationality or National Origin

We promote equality by removing barriers, eliminating discrimination, and ensuring equal opportunity and access for all groups of people, both within our company and externally among those organisations with whom we have formal relationships.

Furthermore, our success and competitive nature are built on our ability to embrace diversity and to understand that, in doing so, we can deliver the best possible solutions for our people, our clients and our business.

Access to our full policy can be found via link below. The policy is only valid at time of download. In lines with our paperless and sustainability policy, we request you do not print this document.

The Environment and Sustainability

With natural disasters and extreme weather conditions becoming more frequent than ever, climate change is a global threat that should not be taken lightly. We only have one world and, to ensure it thrives, we must all do our part - not just on a personal level, but a corporate one too.

When it comes to the industry in which we work, Fire Protection Ltd understands the nature and magnitude of environmental impact. Buildings are currently responsible for around 40% of global energy-related carbon emissions. This includes everything from mining for and manufacturing materials needed for construction to the energy it takes to power, heat and cool the finished structure.

As a company, we do our very best to limit our environmental impact through such practices as:

  • Optimising the use of materials to minimise waste
  • Reducing energy consumption to aid carbon reduction
  • Controlling emissions to prevent pollution
  • Assessing the environmental impact of the design, development, manufacture, distribution, installation, use and disposal of our products
  • Developing employee training programmes and procedures that target environmental issues
  • Monitoring fuel usage and reducing vehicle emissions
  • Promoting the use of recyclable and renewable materials
  • Limiting the production of pollutants to water, land and air
  • Controlling noise emissions of operations
  • Managing waste in accordance with statutory regulations
  • Procuring sustainable materials
  • Monitoring environmental performance and setting appropriate targets

It is our policy to operate alongside and maintain good relationships with all regulatory bodies, and we are committed to operating responsibly and in compliance with all legal requirements.

Access to our full policy can be found via link below. The policy is only valid at time of download. In lines with our paperless and sustainability policy, we request you do not print this document.

We are proud to be certified as carbon neutral in accordance with PAS2060, the internationally recognised standard for carbon offsetting.

Through our partnership with PlanetMark, we have calculated and offset our total emissions, and we continue to invest in ways to reduce our carbon emissions in-line with our Vision 2030.

Please see below links to our documentation supporting our carbon neutrality statement:

Modern Slavery

While most of us believe slavery to be a thing of the past, there are currently around 50 million people entangled in modern slavery throughout the world. This is not only a crime in the UK and much of the world, but also a violation of fundamental human rights.

Modern slavery may not be a familiar concept to many, but it can be defined as the exploitation of individuals or groups by others, either for personal or commercial gain. This includes atrocities such as forced labour and human trafficking, though there are hundreds of variations that filter down into everyday society. Many victims can never escape this situation, faced with the threat of deportation, inescapable debt, or violence.

Fire Protection Ltd has a zero-tolerance approach to modern slavery and human trafficking, and we are committed to acting ethically and with integrity in all our activities and business relationships. As such, we expect our supply chain, contractors, employees and all other business partners to show the same commitment, by implementing and enforcing effective systems and controls to prevent and detect modern slavery.

Our company operates with complete transparency in our supplychain, working to ensure that:

  • Modern slavery is not present in their company
  • Suppliers evaluate risk within their own supply chain
  • Safe and fair working conditions are provided
  • Compliance is reflected in their policies, procedures and practices

Fire Protection Ltd believes that all individuals have the right to work under fair conditions, without exploitation, and we do what we can to ensure that all those who work for us and with us are protected from modern slavery in all its various forms.

In compliance with The Modern Slavery Act 2015, our company prepares a slavery and human trafficking statement each financial year.

Access to our full policy can be found via link below. The policy is only valid at time of download. In lines with our paperless and sustainability policy, we request you do not print this document.

Health and Safety

As part of the Hotchkiss Group, Fire Protection Ltd shares in the Vision 2030 goal of becoming the industry’s safest and most trusted passive fire protection specialist by 2030. Having received the RoSPA President’s Award for achieving 13 years of outstanding health and safety at work, there is little doubting our commitment to this aim.

In everything we do, and on every project we undertake, the safety of our employees, our clients and the public at large remains one of our highest priorities. It is our company policy to carry out all reasonably practicable measures to ensure the health and safety of employees and subcontractors, and to prevent any damage to property as a result of our work operations.

We believe that all accidents and injuries can be prevented by implementing this policy, complying with statutory regulations, and actively promoting a positive attitude among all our employees regarding all aspects of health, safety and welfare. In addition, we provide information, instruction and training for all our team members to keep them up to date with the latest standards and regulations.

Fire Protection Ltd has established an occupational health and safety management system to minimise risk to personnel and others who could be exposed to hazards associated with our company’s activities.

We have implemented, maintain, continuously improve and audit the OH&S system and we are committed to maintaining certification of the OH&S system to the requirements of BS ISO 45001:2018.

Access to our full policy can be found via link below. The policy is only valid at time of download. In lines with our paperless and sustainability policy, we request you do not print this document.


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