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Passive Fire Protection Specialist

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Passive Fire Resisting System


Manufacturers and Installers of Passive Fire Resisting Systems.

Fire Protection Ltd was established in 1994 with the ambition of becoming the safest, most trusted passive fire protection specialist. This is a goal we continue to strive for to keep pushing the boundaries of service and innovation when it comes to fire safety. Our fully trained and experienced team deliver low carbon footprint fire resisting systems, which are all Third Party Accredited from manufacture to installation and certification.

This ensures consistent, high-quality fire-resistant products and services for our clients and their projects.

Fire Protection Ltd is pleased to become a Registered Signatory of the Building a Safer Future Charter. Fire Protection Ltd recognises that becoming a Registered Signatory is an important first step towards achieving the culture and behavioural change required in relation to the Charter’s objectives around building safety. In confirming our support as a Registered Signatory, we will now be working to ensure that we embed the principles of the Charter into our organisation’s activities.

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New product

Now offering full commercial kitchen solutions

From design to supply, installation & ongoing maintenance.

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We manufacture and install the reputable Flamebar range of fire resisting ductwork systems, successfully tested to the current BS EN1366 Part 1, 8 and 9 standards. Our tried and trusted systems offer up to El120, with uninsulated options providing insulation at 400˚C for 120 minutes.

In addition, we are able to offer EN1366-9 unsprayed solutions for exposure to E120 at 600˚C for single compartment applications.

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Cable and Service Enclosures

We also manufacture and install a range of fire resisting enclosures. Our new FPL-HV High Voltage cable enclosure offers unparalleled insulation performance and is tested to meet the standards of both EN 1366-5:2021 and the revised, and more onerous, BS 8519:2020, requiring T3 thermocouples on each internal face of the enclosure, midway inside the furnace.

Not to be outdone, our FPL-05 fire resisting service enclosure is tested to protect against both external fire exposure and fire inside the enclosure for 120 minutes.

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Penetration Seals

We are extremely proud to announce that we have achieved FIRAS accreditation for the installation of our own ductwork penetration seals.

Not only do we supply and fit penetration seals, but we also check them for possible compliance issues prior to installation. This avoids project delays and saves our clients from calling on other trades, reducing costs and carbon footprint. Our qualified employees install penetration seals to the tested method, with tested materials, for quality assurance and peace of mind.

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Technical Advice

With 50 years’ experience in the fire rated ducting market, our team of experts are always on hand to provide extensive technical advice and support. This includes the offering of practical solutions on the specification and installation of fire resisting ductwork and HV cable and service enclosures.

Whatever construction project you are undertaking, Fire Protection Ltd will always be working alongside you throughout, offering the very highest quality installation, safety standards and service.

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Commercial Kitchens

Our most recent venture into commercial kitchens, sees us utilise our 30 years' experience within the fire protection industry to provide complete commercial kitchen packages.

Utalising our in-house manufacturing facilities, we offer a complete service from design, through to supply and installation, as well as onward maintenance.

Working hand in hand with the client, we offer bespoke commercial kitchens to suit all requirements and needs. Including the provision of Ansul fire suppression, control panels and Castell lock systems.

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Research & Development

Fire Protection Ltd’s in-house research and development department is an integral part of manufacturing high-quality products and systems. With our very own test furnace for indicative testing, and a dedicated laboratory complete with state-of-the-art equipment, we are able to meet the demands of our customers by responding to market needs.

This critical department allows us to test our innovations before full-scale UKAS testing, ensuring that our products remain up to date with the latest legal requirements and safety standards.




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Fire Protection Ltd strives to deliver quality products and services across a wide range of sectors and industries. But don’t just take our word for it. Take a look at what some of our clients have to say about working with us.

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Get in touch with our fully trained and experienced team to discuss the manufacture and installation of our passive fire resisting systems, and how these third party accredited systems can be implemented within your project.