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Fire Resisting Single Compartment Smoke Control Ductwork System

Product description

Tested to meet the latest BS EN1366-9 standard for up to 120 minutes integrity. Intended to function up to flashover (typically 600°C) whilst maintaining 90% free area. This product is classified to BS EN 13501-4.

Constructed from galvanised sheet steel, manufactured to our third party accredited construction standard.

FPL-09 single compartment smoke control ductwork is produced in sections and assembled on site utilising tested fireproof gaskets/sealants. This provides peace of mind that compartmentation is maintained throughout the building, ensuring safe evacuation of occupants and access for fire-fighting services.

For associated classification document and EPD please visit the technical page and view the following:


FPL09 and DW144 EPD

Access to the FPL-09 data sheet can be found via link below. The file is only valid at time of download. In lines with our paperless and sustainability policy, we request you do not print these documents.


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