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Application & Testing

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We manufacture and install the Flamebar range of passive fire-resistant products, including the highly successful Flamebar BW11 fire rated ductwork system.

Our Manufacturing Facilities

Fire Protection Ltd is part of the Hotchkiss Group (one of Britain’s leading manufacturers and installers of fire resisting ductwork) which has three modern factories. These are based in Harlow, Essex and Polegate, East Sussex, and amount to over 66,500 sq. ft. of office and warehouse space. All three factories are dedicated to the manufacture of the Flamebar BW11 and BW18 fire resistant systems.

The experience of our manufacturing staff is a key factor in maintaining the quality of our products and eliminating errors. Our ducting is manufactured from coiled steel and converted into specific shapes, such as square, rectangular and circular. Flanges are added before items are coated with our unique Firespray products. We incorporate any special requirements of the fire resisting ducting – such as the inclusion of dampers, access hatches and gaskets – before delivering to site, along with the necessary fixtures, fittings and sealants required to install the ducting.

We have our own dedicated transport fleet for making site deliveries, enabling us to meet site offloading requirements, certified to Silver FORS.

Our pioneering fire resisting ductwork systems result from expertise in both ductwork manufacturing and the production of fire resistant coatings. This expertise creates an unrivalled system of fire protection, which is superior to traditional forms of fire resisting ducting products and systems.

We have a reputation for working closely with our clients, not only providing specialist products and services to meet any fire resisting ductwork requirement, but also offering extensive technical support at every stage of a project.


Ready to work

Get in touch with our fully trained and experienced team to discuss the manufacture and installation of our passive fire resisting systems, and how these third party accredited systems can be implemented within your project.