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Heathrow Fire Station HQ & Fire Station East

FPL supplied and installed full high risk kitchen extract systems at Heathrow Fire Station HQ & Fire Station East



Heathrow Fire Station HQ & Fire Station East

Main Contractor

AQ Construction Services Ltd

M&E Consultant

Fire Protection Ltd

Fire Resisting Value


Project description

Fire Protection Ltd was appointed as the design consultant on two Commercial Kitchen projects at Heathrow Airport, where we supplied and installed full high risk kitchen extract systems.


The cookline extract airflows for each kitchen were calculated in accordance with the Thermal Coefficient Method detailed in HVCA Specification for Kitchen Ventilation Systems DW/172 and BS:EN 1366 Part 1.  

Each kitchen cookline ventilation system provides a fail-safe control system that complies with the Heathrow Airport Ltd Engineering Standard, with interfaces to the fire alarm system that shuts down cookline electrical power services and supply air ventilation to the kitchen. Both kitchens have a dedicated extract fan that will remain operating even through fire alarm activation.  

A HAL approved Ansul R-102 fire suppression system, with overlapping appliance protection, was designed, supplied, installed and certified by the team.

The control system incorporates a control panel that has a Castell Key operated main isolator, that will only release on isolation of the panel allowing the kitchen staff to use the key to open the castell locks and bars that secure the canopy extract plenum baffle filters for cleaning.  

The kitchen extract fans are HAL approved, high temperature, bifurcated fans with cleaning access doors and inverter speed-controlled motors, manufactured by Victoria Fans Ltd.  

Fire Station HQ has supply/make up air delivered to the cookline canopy. The supply air is provided from a heat recovery air handling unit, manufactured by Helios Ventilation Systems Ltd.

Project highlights

Both kitchen extract systems are located on the runway of Heathrow Airport and were completed consecutively over the course of 4 months, which allowed for plant and materials to be transferred to the second site for an efficient start.

Our site teams had to go through several security checks every day to allow them access airside to site. All deliveries had to be made to a nearby consolidation centre where the appropriate safety checks were taken, meaning we would have to allow more time between manufacturing and delivery to site in order to complete the project on time.


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