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Ductwork Penetration Seals

Product description

Here at Fire Protection Ltd we recognise the importance of being able to fully certify a system, from ductwork, supports, fixings to penetration seals.

We are therefore extremely proud to announce that we have now achieved FIRAS accreditation for the installation of our own ductwork penetration seals. This provides our clients the peace of mind that the full installation is carried out to the tested standard by fully trained, Third Party Accredited installers.



Ongoing monitoring and checks identify possible compliance issues at an early stage, allowing effective resolution before penetration seal installation.

Time saving:

Site time is kept to a minimum by avoiding return visits by other trades, and minimising carbon footprint at the same time.

Third party accreditation:

Penetration seals installed by our Third Party Accredited team utilise fully tested methods and materials, ensuring that the system will perform if called upon.

Hassle free:

Single source responsibility and sign-off for the complete duct installation enables Fire Protection Ltd to streamline the overall experience for our clients, minimising hassle.

To save time and money on your overall install project, talk to our team of experts about installing penetration seals alongside your duct installation.

Access to the FPL-PS data sheet can be found via link below. The file is only valid at time of download. In lines with our paperless and sustainability policy, we request you do not print this document.


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Ready to work

Get in touch with our fully trained and experienced team to discuss the manufacture and installation of our passive fire resisting systems, and how these third party accredited systems can be implemented within your project.