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Fire Resisting HV Cable Enclosure

Product description

Tested in both horizontal and vertical orientations to meet BS EN 1366-5:2021 and the revised BS 8519:2020, our FPLHV enclosure satisfied all test criteria for integrity and insulation for 120 minutes, preventing a temperature increase of 140°C as an average or 180°C at any location. This included the requirement for T3 thermocouples on each face of the enclosure midway inside the furnace, a specific requirement of the latest 2020 edition of BS 8519.

Prefabricated in modular section to ease installation, the cables are fitted to the lid section, connected via internal channels, before the closing underside is fitted to fully enclose the cables.
The cables are protected from an external fire, preventing overheating of the cables and providing peace of mind that the life safety services continue to function, ensuring safe evacuation of occupants and access for fire-fighting services.

Additionally, in the event of a fire inside the enclosure, the EN 1366 part 5 fire inside test demonstrates that fire is prevented from breakout into compartments through which the enclosure passes.

For associated Flamebar technical data sheet please view the following:

Flamebar-BW11 - TDS

Access to the FPLHV data sheet can be found via link below. This file as well as the file available above are only valid at time of download. In lines with our paperless and sustainability policy, we request you do not print these documents.


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