FLAMEBAR Fire Retardant Gasket is a Class 'O' highly flexible PBV Nitrile rubber, chemically inert foam tape, designed to be squeezed between the flange to produce a high quality seal, which is unaffected by moisture or water and is impervious to the ingress of grease. Along with the FLAMEBAR Intumescent Acrylic sealant it forms a good barrier against leaks.

  • Easy to install; traditional skills are all that are required on site.
  • Seals apertures around penetrating services, irrespective of the degree of complexity within the opening, including: pipe work, cable trays, electrical and fibre optic cables, and ducting.
  • Openings to be fire stopped may be of any irregular shape and GFS 1000 easily facilitates localised removal and reinstatement where subsequent additional penetrations are required.
  • Suitable for use in return air plenums as, on completion of the fire stop, the surface may be trowelled smooth using conventional plastering techniques.
  • Suitable for sealing penetrations through a wide range of structures, such as concrete, brick and block work walls, and concrete floors.
  • Affords up to 4 hours fire resistance.


FLAMEBAR Fire Retardant Gasket is manufactured in the EU, meeting the highest quaity control standards in compliance with ISO EN 9002. FLAMEBAR Fire Retardant Gasket has fire performance to Class 1 as per BS 476 Part 7 and meets class 'O' as per BS 476 Part 6 to Fire category Building Regulations.

Physical Properties


A flexible closed cell, PVC Nitrile elastomer.


Thermal insulator (sealing) material.


55 - 70 Kg/m3


Black / Dull Grey



Resitance to Oil & Grease


Water Vapour Permeability

U > 5,000



Thermal Conductivity

0.037 W/mk

Water Absorption

0.9% of volume (by volume after 28 days)

Service Temperature

-50°C to +116°C

Roll Sizes

15mm x 6mm x 15m


20mm x 6mm x 15m


40mm x 6mm x 15m

BS 476 Part 6
Fire Propogation Test

Satisfies the performance requirements of Class 'O' to the Building Regulations.

BS 476 Part 7
Surface Spread of Flame

Certification to Class 1.

BS 476 Part 24 & ISO 6944

Up to 4 hours Stability, Integrity & Insulation as a gasket between duct section flanges and access doors.


Before applying the gasket, all surfaces must be free from oil, grease, dirt, dust or other materials or conditions likely to impair adhesion.

The gasket is supplied with a high tack self-adhesive, applied to one side and with an easy to peel finger-lift backing that has FLAMEBAR printed on it.

To position, apply gasket to one surface and locate and fix flanges together.

Storage & Handling

FLAMEBAR Fire Retardant Gasket should be stored in dry, cool conditions and not exposed to firect sunlight.

Precautions in Use

FLAMEBAR Fire Retardant Gasket has been proved a safe material to handle. For Health & Safety instructions, first aid measures and disposal instructions, see separate Safety Data Sheet.

Important Note

DO NOT use a gasket that does not have FLAMEBAR printed on the release tape in red.