More than 1,000 delegates attend Fire Resistant Ductwork CPD seminars

Fire Resistant Ductwork CPD seminar

More than 1,000 delegates have now attended the Fire Protection Limited Fire Resistant Ductwork 'Why, Where & How' CPD seminars. The company reports that the recently surpassed figure is the result of more than 100 events that have taken place across the UK, over the past few years.

The Continuing Professional Development (CPD) certified seminar, produced by Fire Protection, is specifically targeted at Consultants, Mechanical Contractors and Building Control Officers who are directly involved with, or need to gain a better understanding of, the subject of fire resistant ductwork systems.

The fire resistant ductwork CPD programme is aimed at addressing key issues, namely compliance with regulations and standards. Certified as conforming to industry CPD guidelines by the 'CPD Certification Service', all professionals attending will subsequently receive a CPD certificate.

At about 45 minutes in duration, Fire Protection's fire resistant ductwork CPD is ideally suited to lunchtime presentation format. Alternatively, it can be included as part of an organised event involving a number of 'linked' presentations, or as part of an in-house training programme.

Further information can be obtained from:
Fire Protection Limited,
Flamebar House,
South Road,
Essex CM20 2AR

Tel: 01279 634230
Fax: 01279 634231

  • Picture: Fire Resistant Ductwork CPD seminar
  • 21 November 2007

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