Fire duct system tested in purpose built explosion chamber

Fire Protection's fire duct system, Flamebar BW11, has been tested in a purpose built explosion chamber, at Building Research Establishment (BRE) in Cardington.

In accordance with BRE Technical report TCR 20/97 entitled; 'The development of a synthetic explosion test for the assessment of electrical sub-station enclosures', the Fire Protection test is believed to be the first carried out in the UK. The method, which closely replicates an explosion and allows the performance of sub-station enclosure designs and constructions within it to be assessed, was established by the BRE in conjunction with an industry consortium made up of eight of the regional electrical companies.

Flamebar BW11 was tested following discussions between the London Electricity Board (LEB) and Firespray International Ltd in conjunction with UK Licensee and installer - Fire Protection Ltd. BRE was given a fire resistant duct design layout, which reflected actual site conditions. It incorporated the Flamebar BW11 fire duct system and included 900 bends and an LEB approved louvre grille. The fire duct system withstood a maximum recorded pressure of 17.0 kPa with no sign of damage. In addition, immediately following the explosion test, the system was subjected to an air leakage examination. Again, all was in order.

  • 11 July 2007

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