BAA world cargo - bespoke fire-rated ducting for cargo airline

Fire Protection installed bespoke fire-rated ducting at BAA world cargo, one of the leading cargo airlines, carrying more than 800,000 tonnes of freight mail and courier traffic to 200 destinations, in more than 80 countries.

Based at Heathrow airport the new £250 million facility has been designed with state- of-the-art systems housed in one of the airports most distinctive architectural buildings.

Working for Sulzer Ltd, Fire Protection installed bespoke fire-rated ducting as part of the smoke extract system. The flexibility of the Flamebar BW11 system, meant that the ducting could be Installed in spiral sections, up to 1.4 meters in diameter. Installing large duct sections at heights exceeding 17 metres presents its own unique set of problems. Method statements and lifting strategies played a major role in ensuring the installation proceeded with safety as the main priority. With these controls and properly designed safe systems of work in place the job at BAA world cargo was successfully completed with zero accident reports, despite the challenges of this unusual installation.