Terminal 5 - Kitchen extract ductwork for restaurants

Heathrow Terminal 5 - London

Heathrow Terminal 5 - London

At Terminal 5, Fire Protection worked with the building services and retail teams to develop bespoke access panel doors for the kitchen extract ductwork system, protecting all the high risk retail outlets, including the restaurants exclusive to this ground-breaking airport terminal: Gordon Ramsey's Plane Food, Carluccio's, and Wagamama.

When Graham Franks from BAA needed trusted advice on the proposed high-risk kitchen extract ductwork system at Terminal 5, he naturally turned to Fire Protection. Working in conjunction with BAA to maintain the safety of the developments restaurants, Fire Protection designed a new door that complies with fire regulations and has been tested in conditions in excess of 1,000 degrees centigrade for over two hours.

"Our fear was that the ductwork access panel doors presented a potential risk to our retail outlets," Graham Franks explained. "Access is essential for cleaning the ductwork but our concern was that the doors can be removed by anyone and left off, which would make the system vulnerable. Fire Protection's new door is hinged, so that it cannot be removed, and is lockable, which means that only authorised key holders can open it for cleaning purposes. This has minimised the risk and reassured the restaurants that their facilities, staff and customers are safe in BAA's hands."

Fire Protection's reputation for innovative technology, technical expertise and service reliability is well known by BAA, a company equally committed to installing high performance systems for optimum efficiency and security. Fire Protection is on BAA's preferred supplier list and its Flamebar BW11 fire-resistant duct system is included within BAA's standards document.

To complement the new access doors, Fire Protection's Flamebar BW11 fire-rated ductwork supplies the kitchen extract system for Terminal 5's many well-known restaurants, running through building up to the roof exhaust. Flamebar BW11 also provides the smoke extract for the building and protection across all the escape route corridors.

Flamebar BW11 is pre-eminent among Fire Protection's portfolio of passive fire protection products. The system can confidently be specified and installed for smoke extract, car park extract, kitchen extract, and stair pressurisation systems.

Flamebar BW11 has demonstrated outstanding performance when tested under furnace conditions, meets all relevant British Standards, and is entirely suitable for situations where up to four hours fire protection is required. Because of its unique coating, BW11 can withstand temperatures up to 1133 degrees centigrade, from inside and outside the duct; is suitable for rectangular, circular, or flat oval ducts; and can be successfully tested for air-tightness up to 2,500 rascals.