Cardiff University Library - bespoke kitchen extract systems for restaurants

Cardiff University Library

Cardiff University Library

Fire Protection installed bespoke kitchen extract systems in three restaurants, Strada, Wagamama's and Gourmet Burger, which form part of Cardiff University's new library.

Housed in an impressive six-storey, 55,000 sq ft building, Cardiff University's new library boasts the latest in environmental architecture, including a living 'green' roof. The three restaurants are located at street level for the convenience of library visitors and passersby.

Fire Protection's Flamebar BW11 system was specified by Crown House Technologies Ltd to provide bespoke kitchen extract for each of the restaurants. The kitchen risers are housed within purpose made steel structures annexed to the main building. Each duct had to be manufactured, installed and insulated for types A and B fire exposure.

The design of the building presented Fire Protection's engineers with a unique set of problems, as each riser had to be supported independently, whilst still maintaining suitable access for cleaning via the allotted doors and staircase landings.