Canary Wharf - Fire resistant ductwork for tall buildings

Canary Wharf

Canary Wharf

Fire Protection's Flamebar BW11 ductwork system has been installed in many of the tall buildings at the world-famous Canary Wharf.

Over the last eight years, Canary Wharf Contractors Limited has extensively used Flamebar BW11 fire resistant ductwork to provide smoke extraction, stairwell pressurisation, and kitchen extract systems in a large number of the Wharf's tall buildings, including Pan Peninsula, the Bank of America and the Four Seasons Hotel.

Terry Stewart, senior mechanical project manager at Canary Wharf Contractors, commented: "Fire Protection's reputation and that of Flamebar BW11 is well known to us. We have been particularly impressed with the performance and flexibility of the ductwork, which can be fabricated to any shape and size. The safety and comfort of the building's occupants is our primary concern and we can rely on Flamebar BW11 to protect them should it ever be required."

The Canary Wharf Estate has dramatically changed the skyline of this famous part of London's East End. These buildings posed challenges in the installation and design of fire resistant ductwork systems as the ventilation requirements of tall buildings, many with deep basements, are heavily influenced by Building Regulations and local Building Acts, such as Section 20 - smoke clearance requirements being particularly stringent.

Flamebar BW11 is pre-eminent among Fire Protection's portfolio of passive fire protection products. The system can confidently be specified and installed for smoke extract, car park extract, kitchen extract, and stair pressurisation systems.

Demonstrating outstanding performance when tested under furnace conditions, Flamebar BW11 meets all relevant British Standards and is entirely suitable for situations where up to four hours fire protection is required. Because of its unique coating, BW11 can withstand temperatures up to 1133 degrees centigrade, from inside and outside the duct; is suitable for rectangular, circular, or flat oval ducts; and can be successfully tested for air-tightness up to 2,500 pascals.